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DXHC Silver Award won !

After one week of activity on HamSphere I just won my DXHC Silver Award with 50 countries confirmed and counting.

Harder and longer will be to win the golden and master awards, Hi!

Many thanks to all amateurs I worked with.

Visit LUXORION website


I subscribed to HamSphere in August 2012.

I appreciate much this original application simulating traffic on the air, with all the QRM, QRN, QSB, donald duck voices, without to mention sometimes the very difficult conditions to work pileups…

Note that I have also created a Facebook page

For the French-spoken community, je parle également français.

For your information, you will find on LUXORION website a section dedicated to Ham radio. It contains many articles about initiation to ham radio activities, its history, about antennas, propagation, ham software, technical reviews, and back office activities.
In the Radio Astronomy section you will find audio files related to astronomical events.
Note that the remaining sections are written in French and most of them are dedicated to astronomy and connexed fields, from astrophysics to bioastronomy among others.

Hope to work you soon.

73, Thierry